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GOLD COAST: An 8-week group therapy course to help you deal with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

What is Mindfulness?  

Mindfulness involves paying attention to each event experienced in the present moment within our body and mind, with a non-judgmental, non-reactive and accepting attitude. In learning to be mindful, we can begin to counter many of our everyday sufferings such as stress, anxiety and depression because we are learning to experience events in a more impersonal, detached and acceptable way.  
There is a growing number of therapy approaches that incorporate mindfulness training. Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) is one of these approaches. It offers a practical set of evidence-based techniques derived from mindfulness training together with principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to address a broad range of psychological disorders and general stress conditions.  
This 8-week group therapy, offered with 8 individual supplemental sessions, will follow the principles of MiCBT and involve active mindfulness training as well as psychological interventions. It will be offered to adults experiencing stress, anxiety or depression by a clinical psychologist, Mikako Naito, at her Tugun clinic on the Gold Coast. The number of participants will be limited to 8. Child minding service can be arranged on site for a fee. 
Pre-Group Individual Assessment (Required):
By appointment 15 Oct -19 Oct 2012  
Group Therapy: 

8 Thursdays 25 Oct – 20 Dec 2012 (no session on 22Nov)  

10.15 am – 12.15 pm 
Weekly supplemental individual sessions by appointment  

Bulk billing for pre-group, group and individual sessions  
($20 per session if without a GP Mental Health Care Plan)  
Plus a one-off payment of $40 to cover the cost of the two mindfulness training CDs used for this program  
Enquiry / Appointment: (07) 5559 5391 mikako.naito@bigpond.com 
Download: {module_literature,i,105374}
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