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Are you looking for greater happiness and peace in your life?

With this 8 week Mindfulness program, learn to D.A.N.C.E 

  • Decrease and manage pain, anger, frustration, stress, worry, anxiety and depression
  • Accept and manage your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours 
  • Neutralize your reaction to negative life events and feel less overwhelmed 
  • Connect better with the people around you 
  • Empower yourself to live well and have greater control in your life 
Daily mindfulness practice is required for maximum benefits. 

Where: Sydney 

Program 1: February 15, 2014, 8 x Saturdays, 10-12pm 

Program 2: August 5, 2014, 8 x Tuesdays, 6.30-8.30pm 

Program 3: late October TBA 

Cost: $35 per hour 

Participants: maximum 10 (over 6 allows for a $21.50 medicarerebate per session subject to a GP referral) 

Includes: Free introductory session prior to group, practice CD 1&2,program workbook and refreshments. 

Contact: Lisa on 04 4848 1001 or email: info@sydneymicbt.com.au

Facilitator: Linda Hayes-Cameron, Clinical Psychologist 
Individual support sessions available by appointment

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