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Registered Psychologists needed for Research

Do you have a new client?

Therapist Mindfulness, the Therapeutics Relationship and Treatment Outcomes (Ethics: CF14/1495 – 2014000707)

Psychologists are invited to take part in a study on mindfulness and the therapeutic relationship which is currently being conducting at Monash University. 

If you have starting seeing a new client recently (that is a client who has completed at least 3 sessions but no more than 8 sessions), we would really like you to participate in this study. 

You do not have to be involved in mindfulness practices to participate. You will be asked to reflect on the developing therapeutic relationship and answer questions regarding the therapist-client relationship, plus mindfulness in these sessions. 

If you are interested in participating, please follow this link https://monashmnhs.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7WFQZqxaRvNB189 to read the explanatory statement and complete the questionnaire. The survey will only take 20 mins. 

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Student Researcher: Patrick McLaren 

Email: pmcl4@student.monash.edu

Research Supervisor: Dr Janette Simmonds

(Ethics: CF14/1495 – 2014000707)

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