Mindfulness-integrated CBT

Professional Training and Events for Mental Health Therapists

Improve your clinical practice with MiCBT

MiCBT is an evidence-based transdiagnostic therapy approach to clinical disorders that integrates mindfulness training with core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Through the use of mindfulness-based exposure practices that directly challenge schematic beliefs, MiCBT offers a novel and effective therapeutic system for addressing a wide range of clinical disorders, including chronic pain, addictions, anxiety and depression, and is ideally suited for both individual work, and the group setting. 

As such, MiCBT training and certification is limited to registered and currently practising psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners (mental health – level 2), mental health social workers, mental health occupational therapists, mental health nurses and professionally qualified counsellors.

MiCBT Masterclass Series: Live

2 Hours | 2 CPD/CE | Online - interactive
Level: Completion of the MiCBT Foundation Course required.
Masterclasses designed to assist therapists already trained in MiCBT to deepen their skills and make the most out of the Mindfulness-integrated CBT approach.
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MiCBT Masterclass Series: On-demand

2 Hours | 2 CPD/CE | Online - interactive
Level: Completion of the MiCBT Foundation Course required
If you were not able to participate in the live Masterclasses, the recording of each Masterclass is available for viewing on-demand.
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Join clinicians from around the world and learn this empirically-validated intervention and how it would benefit your clinical practice. 

Earn professional development points/hours 

Become certified in the integration of mindfulness and CBT and offer this service with confidence and credibility.

For Mental Health Therapists

Learn how mindfulness training can be integrated with the principles of CBT to offer a practical set of evidence-based techniques to address a broad range of psychological disorders and general stress conditions.

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